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Waterford County Tarmac restored, cleaning driveway restorations professionals in Wexford, Waterford, Tipperary and Kilkenny, basically where ever there is a driveway in need we will be there, as needed.

Tarmac Drive Restoration Saves Money

When you look at your driveway is the general condition good bad or could be better, is the surface suffering from any of the following defects or could it be worth getting advise from a professional contractor.

This would help you decide whether the tarmac is in good enough condition that a possible restoration is an option.

Tarmac drive restoration should be the first option and there is no shortage of tarmac restoration contractors. There is no point spending time and money on a refurbishment, if relaying of the tarmac is the only realistic long-term solution.

As tarmac ages it can be seen to start to change appearance as the colour is fades from the surface and the resins and oils within the material begin to fade either by climate and enviroment.

These are both strong indications that the general condition of the tarmac is dated and replace is inevitably .

When this starts tarmac becomes brittle it is vulnerable to the effects of moisture and the effects of sunlight, and all factors.

Best ways to avoid Problems

On first sign of damage to your tarmac, unless you apply a protective sealant or coating every few year.

The longer you leave it further problems will show, this can be easily identified in the form of loose stones on the surface, cracking, edges breaking away and shallow/shading and potholes starting to appear. Call us at Waterford County Painters to arrange a quick over the phone quote or site visit

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